Artist Statement

Making textile art is for me a meaningful activity in which preferably something is created that touches others or makes them think. When I work from my emotions, these emotions will also become visible in my work. The process of creation unfolds itself and I follow. In this way an object forms organically. The process is an essential part of this object.
I prefer to work three-dimensionally with my own wool felt and wool that I have spun myself. Wool feels fine and is easy to process. Spinning is also a form of meditation for me. The use of other materials, such as wood, plastic or iron, can make the object even more exciting.

Sources of inspiration for me are the tango music of Astor Piazolla, poems/stories of Toon Tellegen and my work as a psychiatrist. Astor Piazolla, for me, interprets passion, the rawness of life and hope. Toon Tellegen, in his animal stories, manages to portray ordinary life in all its fragility in a surprising and often moving way. As a psychiatrist I often come into contact with the struggle of mankind. I want to express these elements of life in my work.

I hope to reach others with my work and the process behind it by sharing it in a blog.